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Contrast converts objective, passive data into subjective, favorable opinion.

Advertising: Allstate Connects Using Contrast

Effective application of the Contrast Trigger from the Leo Burnett Agency, Chicago.

Allstate promotes quite ordinary, even mundane, claim handling features – filing ease, payment speed, personal attention – in a way that makes them sound unusually appealing by contrasting them to low expectations voiced by the featured customer’s cohorts.

Contrast is a powerful and simple way to move facts or features from the analytical part of the brain to the emotional part, where persuasion and decision-making take place. Contrast converts objective, passive data into subjective, favorable opinion…

The analytical, non-persuasive version:

“We pay claims quickly.”

Facts, features, and data points hit the analytical part of the brain, and without some trigger to send or redirect the message to the emotional brain, the information has little meaning.

The emotional trigger version:

“It took forever, right?” “No! I got paid right away.”

When information is placed in comparison or contrast with something else, it can be processed subjectively – by the emotional brain. It suddenly has meaning, and it’s persuasive. 

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