Individual marketing training and team delivery available in multiple formats, including blended learning combinations.

On-Site Workshops

Leader’s guide, participant manuals, slides & media support. Your trainers or ours. Custom alignments and integrations available.

Online Interactive

Immersive, multimedia, self-paced programming. Cloud access, device agnostic. Testing and management tracking.

Micro-Burst Media

Weekly push notifications. Ideal for reinforcement / follow-up to foundational learning, can also be used for initial delivery.
The Courses

Click the title tiles for course content and learning objectives.

360° persuasion application for leaders, entrepreneurs, and small business.

Consultative selling skills plus trigger tactics for a complete persuasive sales model.

Make your selling process more persuasive by aligning triggers to your existing model. For new reps and seasoned pros alike.

Persuasive messaging by channel application for brand & marketing professionals.

Align persuasion triggers with negotiation best practices for better bargaining results.

Methods and mechanics of persuasive communication for consultants and trainers.