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Create Employee Bonding and Trust

Create Employee Bonding and Trust

Susan Sobbott, President of American Express OPEN, values emotional triggers very clearly when she says, “Businesses everywhere recognize the need to maximize the potential of their greatest asset—their employees.” She adds that top companies “have found innovative ways to keep their employees engaged and satisfied.” You maximize employee productivity by activating various emotional triggers – Friendship, Reciprocity, Consistency, Hope. Emotional triggers create bonding, trust, and productivity. When you bond with employees and create the right environment, they’ll do anything for you.

Danny Meyer puts a fine point on the persuasive elements of employee bonding and friendship. Meyer owns thirteen high-end New York restaurants. “A productive day for me is much more about human transactions than it is about technical accomplishments,” says Meyer. “It’s looking people in the eye and connecting with them in a way they feel seen.”

Do your clients, employees, associates feel connected with you? Do they feel “seen?” Do you know and record relevant information about every one of them? Are you employing the Friendship Trigger to reach their emotional decision and action motivators? Create trust and great relationships by bonding with all your contacts and your productivity will soar.

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