The Interactive PDF Action Plan


Once populated with your content, this Interactive PDF Action Plan is an archive of the most persuasive possible information about your offer (products, services or even you) and your customer. From this archive of “trigger elements” you then have easy access to which ones you wish to use for various customer touch-points: sales calls, presentations, emails, info sheets, web pages – any customer communication opportunity.


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It’s almost here.

Turbo-charge everything you write, post, send, or say with the power of persuasion.

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What it Does

Communication windows are shorter than ever. Whether for teamwork, marketing, or sales interactions, the ability to be persuasive is too important to leave up to chance or trial-and-error. You need to prepare to be influential.

Years of working with leaders, marketers, and sales teams gave us great insight into how to build a simple tool to help produce powerfully persuasive communications. This is it!

How it Works

Input guidelines help you build an “archive of influence” with trigger-aligned topics and content which can be organized into an endless variety of Persuasion Prompters for any opportunity or customer touch-point:

sales calls • marketing copy • presentations • negotiations • brochures • emails • web pages • trade shows • advertising • videos • one-sheets • fundraising • financing • team building

Communicate to captivate.

 And put more YES in your life!

Optional Team Features

Marketing Support

Supply the system with product trigger content for sales reps to incorporate into their own Persuasion Prompters.

Account Sharing

Share customer trigger content across account team members.

CRM Integration

Extend your customer management with the power of persuasion via trigger guidelines, input categories, and Persuasion Prompter configurations.