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Seize Your Power to Persuade

  • The one key insight that will make you more persuasive
  • How to turn resistance into support
  • Specific words that give you instant influence
  • The secret to quickly getting someone’s agreement
  • Messaging tweaks that boost your yes ratio
  • How to nail your presentations with persuasive power


Persuasion skills are mission-critical in business, especially if you’re an entrepreneur, an executive leader, or a sales and marketing professional. Persuasion skills can also be key to improving communication and the quality of relationships in every aspect and dimension of life. At one time or another, in many different circumstances, we are all persuaders.

This book is a compilation and distillation of the best of what many researchers, developers, educators, and consultants – not to mention sales and marketing operations – have developed over the course of a decade using the formula first published in The 7 Triggers to Yes.

It covers mostly material not found in the original book. And although a working knowledge of the 7 Triggers formula is highly beneficial as a basis for using the material here, it is by no means a necessary prerequisite. All on its own, How to Persuade Anyone of Anything contains powerful and actionable guidelines that will infuse your communications with the awesome power of persuasion.

Persuade and prosper!
Russell P. Granger

“The 7 Triggers to Yes is truly a cutting-edge approach to getting Yes decisions. We are getting rave reviews for the program in our Corporate University.”

Sharon Denzler, Corporate Training Manager, All Risks Insurance Group

“Smart, easy to follow and The 7Triggers method works every time. I highly recommend it if you want more positive results in your life.”

Joe Gagliardi, VP Production, SapientRazorfish

“The 7 Triggers helped us sell our biggest account ever. Within weeks after completing the course and putting its techniques to use, we secured the largest single account transaction in the company’s 100 year history.”

Ernie Weeks, VP Sales, Utica National

“Outstanding! After years of persuading with reason and logic, The 7 Triggers showed us a much better, easier way to get results. Every meeting is now planned around the 7 Triggers. This works!”

Thomas E. Hill, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

“Sales in our category were a challenge due to the extremely limited market. In the year following adoption of 7 Triggers programming we saw an astounding 34% increase.”

Mary Patterson, National Sales Director, Horizon Pharmaceuticals

“I’ve consumed so many courses on sales and persuasion that you might call me something of an expert on the available content. 7 Triggers is the essential. It’s our go-to system, mandatory for my team.”

Dobbin Buck, Co-Owner & Sr. VP Business Development, GetUWired, Inc.

“A very valuable new concept in selling. The 7 Triggers to YES had an immediate impact on my sales success.”

Greg Rummel, Rummel Insurance Agency


Russell H. Granger
Author, speaker, entrepreneur, executive, and instructional designer are just a few of the roles that define Russ Granger’s remarkable career. The one common denominator was his passion for helping others succeed. His consulting and training company produced some of the largest-selling skill-building programs in several industries for companies including Aetna, Prudential, AT&T, Citibank, GE, Hilton, Morgan Stanley, Amgen, Abbvie, Lundbeck, and many others. Today the company Russ founded brings persuasive customer engagement programs to leaders, marketers, and sales teams from small start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations.

Russell P. Granger
From heading the production team that developed AT&T’s core curriculum for its University of Sales Excellence to co-founding one of the world’s first digital marketing agencies, Russell’s passion has been persuasive communication. As brand strategist for IBM Global Business Services, Russell brought customer experience solutions to Samsonite, Key Bank, Dow Jones, and Newell-Rubbermaid. His own practice clients have included Samsung, Ricoh, Verizon, St. Martin’s Press, Donna Karan, and Steelcase. At the dawn of web media Russell co-founded a digital agency that was featured on CNN, the New York Times, and the cover of PC Magazine.

“An excellent, realistic approach to persuasion. Easy to understand and apply, the program will be highly recommended to my corporate clients.”

Richard Gerson, Ph.D, CPT, CMC, Professor of Management & Organization, University of Southern Florida
President, Gerson Goodman, Inc.

“This program uses real-world examples and new concepts in the selling process. Very enlightening. Now I can increase my sales through better persuasion.”

Michael Withowski. President, Cierra Cooney Perry Agency

“Performance optimization on steroids! Used as a stand-alone tool or augmenting what an organization already has in place, 7 Triggers is a must-have.”

John Garofalo, President & CEO, Achievement Index

“By applying the principals of the 7 Triggers system our businesses have become more effective and efficient. It has helped us achieve our goals.”

Michael J. Iandolo, VP & General Manager, Mobility Business Group, Cisco

“It’s so simple that it’s brilliant. It gets the conversation going because I’m getting that emotional currency that I know is important, and it’s not just some standard sales process question.”

Stan Bastian, VP Sales, Raptor Pharmaceuticals