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"This lady knows her triggers and uses them with great ease and skill."

Persuasive Marketing: A Fully Triggered Technique

The proper lineup of multiple, well-crafted triggers can coalesce to become an almost irresistible pitch when condensed into an email, a web page, a sales sheet or, in this case, a newsletter.

Kim Castleberry hit my radar quite by accident, as I was searching reviews for learning management platforms. A video review of Kajabi she posted caught my attention. The woman I saw was engaging, authentic, knowledgeable, and – best of all – she obviously understood her customer. Kim didn’t just review the various aspects of this technology tool based on generic abstractions like feature sets or ease-of-use, she related her analysis quite specifically to what would likely be important to her particular customers. I liked and respected her immediately, and sought out her website where I promptly signed up for her newsletter.

The first delivery I received was a veritable master class in persuasive email newsletter writing.

Whether she does so from natural instinct, years of trial-and-error, or by having studied persuasion techniques and best practices, this lady knows her emotional triggers and uses them with great ease and skill. I know when I’ve come across someone who is particularly adept at this when I find myself (or, more accurately, when my brain finds itself) responding to a Trigger activation even when I understand explicitly not only that it is, in fact, a Trigger, but even which Trigger it is.

Fact is: Triggers work even when you know they’re being used!

Following is Kim’s email newsletter. Can you identify the persuasion triggers? Hover over the hotspot icons to see which triggers are being used, along with descriptions of Kim’s persuasive expertise.


Chief Creator of Awesomeness? I am thoroughly persuaded!