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Training Course FAQ

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[efstoggle active=”active” title=”What is The 7 Triggers to Yes?”]

The 7 Triggers to Yes is the most practical way to use decision science in business when selling ideas, products or services; when developing or negotiating agreements; and when seeking to gain support or cooperation of any kind. It is a formula for creating meaningful professional relationships that produce faster, stronger, more consistent results. [/efstoggle]
[efstoggle title=”How is The 7 Triggers different from other sales training?”]

7 Triggers training is not really sales training at all. Conventional sales training is about process. The 7 Triggers is about people. Trigger training is most often used as a critical complement to an existing sales model because it’s not about how reps sell but about why customers buy. It is the other half of the selling equationProgram participants learn how to use scientific insights into human decision-making to shorten selling cycles, expand accounts, and close more sales.[/efstoggle]

[efstoggle title=”We need a sales model, too. Can that be combined with The 7 Triggers?”]

Yes. The 7 Triggers formula is routinely combined with traditional sales training. Rising Tide Partners offers proprietary courses covering all aspects of the consultative selling process which are already fully integrated with The 7 Triggers. Alternatively, The 7 Triggers can be combined with any other selling model.

[efstoggle title=”Why not just have all my people read the book?”]

They should all read the book!

Certified 7 Triggers training begins where the source material ends; it is not a stand-up version of the book. Such an approach is not actionable enough at an organizational level. As facilitated by Rising Tide Partners or its authorized affiliates, 7 Triggers corporate workshops are fully customized, highly participatory examinations of precisely how the 7 Triggers formula applies to a company’s own products, customers, and markets, and how it can solve real-world business challenges.

[efstoggle title=”How much time is needed for the training?”]

Discovery and needs analysis usually takes a minimum of 3-5 weeks; custom implementation design  2-3 weeks, and on-site workshop facilitation 1-2 days depending on employee team “bandwidth” and custom design requirements.[/efstoggle]

[efstoggle title=”What kind of follow-up and support is available?”]

A variety of support resources are available, from on-site coaching to documents and digital tools that help reps organize and deploy the 7 Triggers formula on-the-job. Follow-on support requirements and solutions may be developed as part of the up-front discovery and custom design phase of the program.[/efstoggle]

[efstoggle title=”What can we expect in the way of results / ROI?”]

7 Triggers training produces more confident professionals who are better able engage in meaningful and productive ways with partners, prospects, and customers. Working with the brain instead of against it involves changes in perspective, approach, messaging, and behavior which may be subtle or incremental – but which are also game-changing when it comes to producing profitable results with greater speed and consistency.

  • A better framework for deeply engaging colleagues, clients and customers.
  • The ability to know which messages will actually motivate decisions.
  • A vocabulary for planning and analyzing effective persuasion strategies and tactics.
  • A real and reliable way to “connect the dots” for customers.
  • Better lead development, more closes, expanded accounts, increased market share.

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[efstoggle title=”What does it cost?”]

There are three cost components to certified 7 Triggers training:

  1. customization,
  2. per-participant fees, and
  3. facilitation.

All are variable based on the needs of the organization and the size of the training audience. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and goals, and we’ll provide a preliminary cost estimate in just a few business days. [/efstoggle]