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For leaders, marketers, salespeople, entrepreneurs – anyone who needs others to make something happen.


Get the essential depth and detail of how recent neuroscience gave rise to a new understanding of human decision-making, and how we can effectively influence those decisions.


There’s no better way to on-board persuasion best practices than with immersive, interactive learning focused on specific integrations with marketing channels and selling models.


Technology now offers every detail of customer activity, but you’ve been on your own when it comes to what to say and how to say it in order to captivate and close… Not any more.

Sales & marketing communication: Chances are you’re doing it wrong.

“So simple that it’s brilliant.”

“It’s so simple that it’s brilliant. It gets the conversation going because I’m getting that emotional currency that I know is important, and it’s not just some standard sales process question.”

Stan Bastian, VP Sales, Raptor Pharmaceuticals

“Effective and efficient.”

“Persuasion skills shorten communication time. By applying the principals of the 7 Triggers system, our businesses are more effective and efficient. It has helped us achieve our goals.”

Michael J. Iandolo, President & General Manager, Mobility Solutions


“100% effective.”

“Implementation is the bane of many a management team. Your frameworks make those implementations 100% effective.”

Shailesh Mor, Director, Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management


“Largest-selling prescription ever.”

“Sales were on a steady increase, but took an almost vertical upward trajectory following 7 Triggers implementation. We’ve been using it ever since. We’re believers!”

Jim Smith, National Managed Care, AbbVie

“This works!”

“Outstanding! After years of persuading with reason and logic, The 7 Triggers showed us a much better, easier way to get results. Every meeting is now planned around the 7 Triggers. This works!”

Thomas E. Hill, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

“34% Increase in sales.”

“Sales in our ultra-orphan drug category were a challenge due to the extremely limited market. In the year following adoption of 7 Triggers programming we saw an astounding 34% increase.”

Mary Patterson, National Sales Director, Horizon Pharmaceuticals

“Mandatory for my team.”

“I’ve consumed so many books and courses on sales and persuasion that you might call me something of an expert on the available content. 7 Triggers is the essential. It’s our go-to system, mandatory for my team.”

Dobbin Buck, Co-Owner & Sr. VP Business Development

“Largest sale in 100 years.”

“The 7 Triggers helped us sell our biggest account ever. Within weeks after completing the 7 Triggers course and putting its techniques to use, we secured the largest single account transaction in the company’s 100 year history.”

Ernie Weeks, VP Sales, Utica National