Fill the Gap in the Customer Bridge

Technology now offers every possible detail of customer activity monitoring and management. But you’re still on your own when it comes to exactly what to say and how to say it in order to get attention, generate interest, and close a sale.

7 Triggers is a persuasion technology that fills that critical gap: Science-based guidelines for how to craft the most persuasive possible communications, making it easier, faster, and more reliable to achieve the 3 Cs of customer acquisition:

capture    captivate    convert

Stop the Sisyphean Madness!

We know from neuroscience that the emotional center of the brain (the limbic system, and more specifically, the amygdala) is the ultimate driver of human choices and decisions. And yet, even the most professional among us – especially in the STEM industries – continue to rely on an age-old paradigm of data, logic, and reason when seeking to influence those decisions.

Think about that for a second…

Traditional sales and marketing communication works against what the biology of the brain is naturally inclined to do! That’s pretty Sisyphean. And totally unnecessary.

Emotional triggers are decision shortcuts. They were discovered through research, reported on by academics, and brought to the business world by a handful of innovators who are now working with the world’s most successful organizations to produce easier and more reliable customer results.

The 7 Triggers was adopted via integrated training across both marketing and sales.
Does the Largest Selling Prescription Drug in the World Owe its Success to The 7 Triggers?

There are obviously many factors associated with market success. But it’s also true that when the company producing what is now the largest selling pharmaceutical in the world wanted to ramp up the trajectory of its product sales, it on-boarded one of the very first comprehensive training implementations of The 7 Triggers formula. Shortly thereafter, sales went through the roof.

The Spark of Recognition

One of the most interesting things I’ve observed since inheriting my dad’s business and his remarkable work on the 7 Triggers is the spark of recognition every time the formula is adopted by a sales or marketing organization populated by seasoned professionals – folks who’ve been there and done that. Emotional triggers are at work all the time whether we’re aware of it or not. Pros understand this.

“This is what works” is the common observation. Only, with the 7 Triggers formula it’s no longer instinct or trial-and-error. It’s a structured approach validated by science. Practical, flexible, and repeatable.

“It’s not always a fit” is the common complaint when a fixed sales process is offered as the solution to every customer problem. And though everyone acknowledges the need for product knowledge and a customer path, conventional sales training is generally silent on how to influence decisions.

The spark of recognition comes from the fact that 7 Triggers places a focus not on process but on people.

Sales organizations also remark on the simple fact of having a vocabulary for customer decisions. Instead of navel-gazing on a sales process, debriefs can be focused on real-world customer profiles, circumstances, and solutions.

Russell P. Granger

As brand strategy lead for IBM Global Business Services, Russell developed customer engagement innovations for companies such as Samsonite, Key Bank, Dow Jones, and Newell-Rubbermaid. He went on to build brand and digital design practices for New York area agencies, where his clients included Samsung, Ricoh, Verizon, Toshiba, St. Martin’s Press, and Donna Karan. Previously Russell co-founded one of the world’s first digital marketing agencies, which helped the major motion picture studios launch their online publicity operations, and was featured on CNN, the New York Times, and the cover of PC Magazine.

Still Something of a Best-Kept Secret… For Now

Following an extremely successful career producing some of the largest-selling sales training programs in the financial services and technology industries, Dad was cruising the Chesapeake on his pristine vintage Chris-Craft, and writing his own particular kind of newsletter by way of occasional emails with analysis and insights sent to a group of colleagues and clients he’d amassed over the years.

One of these was Gerhard Gschwandtner, founder and publisher of Selling Power Magazine. When Gerhard urged Dad to turn his musings into a book, he laughed. “I’m only compiling and commenting on others’ work,” Dad protested.

“That’s exactly what’s needed out there,” Gerhard argued. “Someone to distill all of this new information from neuroscience into a practical formula that people can actually use.” Dad was unmived. Then, he got a call from McGraw Hill. Unbeknownst to him, Gerhard Gschwandtner had pitched the book on his behalf.

My own background in digital media seemed a natural fit to extend 7 Triggers solutions beyond the leadership teams and training rooms of large corporations. We’re excited to be bringing convenient new learning and tools to every size company, making easier and faster customer success available to all.

Russell H. Granger

Author, speaker, entrepreneur, executive, and instructional designer are just a few of the roles that define Russ Granger’s remarkable career. The one common denominator was his passion for helping others succeed. His consulting and training company produced some of the largest-selling skill-building programs in several industries, and today brings persuasive customer engagement programs to leaders, marketers, and sales teams from small start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations.