Trigger Bites!

Weekly deliveries of 2-3 minute videos for mastering persuasive customer communication.

Prerequisite: Foundational course in The 7 Triggers to Yes or Emotional Momentum Selling.

  • Real-world examples

    Scenarios and case studies from business, media, marketing, and politics are deconstructed to reveal their persuasive power.

  • Tips & techniques

    Years of trigger training and user experience has produced an archive of best practices to achieve immediate results.

  • Insights & refinements

    Triggers can be game-changing even when used in simplistic ways. But there are lots of nuances to learn, too.

  • Quizzes & games

    These mini training moments are not passive! Every video contains an interactive element to check for understanding.

  • De-brief & coaching guide

    A full archive of Trigger Bites media and debrief content is available for managers, mentors, and coaches.

  • Tracking & reporting

    User engagement tracking is available for all recipients so that management can gauge participation.

Selected Samples